HR Administration

Maintenance of Personnel Records

Go Legal HR offer a bespoke HR management system which will collate and hold all relevant personnel information and details normally kept on personnel files.

This includes a module on absence management which incorporates the administration and monitoring  of the annual holidays.

Interface with payroll

One of the most critical activities we do as employers is ensure we pay our employees accurately and in a timely manner. Nothing can be worse for an employee than to have their pay wrong, particularly when they are expecting more, and rectifying the error can be costly and time consuming. Overpayments can be just as problematic as you need to take steps to recover the money.

Whether you have your own in-house payroll or outsource the requirement to a third party, let Go Legal HR take the administrative strain by liaising with your payroll department/bureau to ensure that any monthly or weekly changes are collated and submitted to payroll in good time for the cut–off so that payments are correct. This can apply to permanent changes, such as pay increases or regular payments or deductions such as overtime or sick absence deductions. It is all too easy to miss the cut-off or overlook something that payroll need to be aware of.   Just let Go Legal HR do it for you. It is a logical extension to the HR administrative service we provide.

Absence management

There’s never going to be a situation where you have no staff absences. It’s important to remember that most employees feel bad about letting down their colleagues.

Yet absences for any reason can be tricky for your business. More so if you don’t have policies in place for managing them.

You need to know why staff are away from work, when they’ll back and how you’ll deal with:

  • Short-tern sickness lasting less than a week.
  • Repeated short-term sickness. These may follow a pattern.
  • Long-term sickness absence lasting several weeks or more.
  • Unauthorised absences not sickness related.

Return to work interviews

As an employer, you’re required to acknowledge and discuss an employee’s sick absence with them when they come back to work.

In most cases this needs only to be an informal thing with a brief note on the employees record to record that you undertook it.

In situations where sickness is frequent or a pattern is evident then a different approach is needed. In such circumstances, you’ll need to conduct a structured RTW (return to work) interview.

Both of these formats are good practice in terms of supporting your employee and identify any ways in which you can help.

Go Legal HR will give you all the advice and support you need with your RTW interviews.

Exit Interviews

Not directly related to absence management, exit interviews are an important consideration for all Employers.

As an employer, you should carry out exit interviews with employees that leave you just before they depart. It’s a golden opportunity to get information on what your business is doing well –or what it might need to improve on.

You’ll rarely receive such frank feedback from your employees so this is key to your business improvement.