Performance management

Probation Reviews

The initial period of a new recruits employment can be the key time when you as the employer take the time to confirm that you have made the correct decision, but also for the employee to make the same assessment. This is a two-way process and Go Legal HR will ensure that appropriate and timely review meetings are held to ensure things are going well……………or quickly bring things to a close if not.

Performance Management


Performance Management is something that may only be practical in small to medium size companies when there is a specific issue. But it can also be the key activity that we need to pursue on a regular basis, but can never find the time.

Go Legal HR can help put in place and then monitor the processes required for active and positive performance management designed to help develop the company and its employees. 

Performance management is the term for processes designed to maintain and improve your employees’ performance as set out by your business’ objectives.

Strategic as well as operational its aim is to help your employees make a positive contribution. It’s best if performance is managed holistically via a range of HR processes and activities.

Performance management comprises five steps:

  1. Establishing performance standards:
  2. Communicating the standards
  3. Measuring the actual performance
  4. Comparing actual performance with desired performance
  5. Feedback


The first step in the performance appraisal process is to decide on the baseline of the standards you’ll use to compare your employees’ performance. You’ll need to set the criteria by which you’ll judge their performance as being successful or otherwise.

There should be no ambiguity to the standards and they should be measurable.

Review Meetings

These should always happen on a one-to-one basis. And there should be nothing in the appraisal that is a surprise to the employee.

The focus of this meeting is two-fold: communicating and listening.

The results, any problems and potential solutions should be discussed with the aim of solving problems and reaching agreement.

Action Plans

It’s the role of HR  to assist supervisors and managers to write performance action plans.

Performance action plans, sometimes referred to as performance improvement plans or PIPS, have specific goals for employees whose performance falls short of the required standards.

If your employee’s appraisal shows notable room for improvement a detailed performance action plan will help them to get back on track – for their benefit and yours.

Go Legal can support your HR team or take it on board for you.